The HEBER Smart Bag was conceived as a tool to directly support initiatives that largely impact social wellbeing, specifically, in the education sector. With your HEBER Smart Bag purchase, you are making a US$2.00 direct donation to the Fe y Alegría Foundation.

We aim at generating a positive synergy that addresses education globally, the educational impact of Fe y Alegría, and the satisfaction of providing social support among users and consumers of the Heber’s sports and recreational products.

Our smart products help you give back to communities. Positive products that send a positive message, it feels good to buy smart.

Give Back

is smart to be good

Fe y Alegria is an International Movement of Popular Education and Social Promotion based on the values of justice, participation, fraternity, respect for diversity and solidarity, working with impoverished and excluded populations, in order to contribute to the transformation of society.

Founded 60 years ago in a low-income district of Caracas, Venezuela, Fe y Alegría contributes to improve the lives of over 1.5 million people annually, with 3,088 schools in 21 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. As one of the top educational networks in the region, Fe y Alegría seeks to cover the education field, reaching out to those locations with the greatest needs and vulnerabilities.

"Fe y Alegria begins where asphalt ends, where no drinking water is available, where the city has no name."

José María Vélaz - Founder de Fe y Alegría

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